HUMAN RESOURCES IN ACTION - Essay ExampleLikewise, other information provided in the career portal include data pertinent to Hilton Hotels & Resorts (date opened, number of properties, and team members). Career news and events are also disclosed.For Marriott International, Inc., the details that are required for the job applicants to select from include: location, the keyword or job number, and the job category. Likewise, the following information are also provided in the site: additional career opportunities, more information (application process, technical guidelines, as well as J-1 Visa Program and F-1 Visa Program) (Marriott International, Inc., 2013).Using the search option, job applicants at Hilton are provided with information regarding available openings according to areas of interest, location, among others. A quick view at all available openings in Hilton across all nations worldwide disclosed that as much as 4,209 job openings are currently available (Hiton Worldwide, 2011).

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